The Earthkeeper


What you do impacts for 7 generations.

Earthkeepers hold the dream of a harmonious planet, where the air and rivers are clean and everything lives in balance and harmony.

While we know that we are co-creating our world, we also have a responsibility for its wellbeing. The This card is a reminder that how we treat ourselves ripples out the the world.

Are you nourishing yourself properly? Listen, what is it telling you it needs or no longer wants? Every part of you is intuitive and able to communicate, give yourself a moment to hear and honour this gift. Wait a moment before you eat or drink, listen. Wait a moment before you rush to keep busy; how can you feel a moment of peace today?

Today is Sunday, the perfect day to begin this practice! The results won’t just affect you, it will ripple out, all the way to the Earthkeepers dream!

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