Testimonial – Cacao Ceremony

“My cacao ceremony experience with Nancy was quite remarkable and very positive.  It was deeply emotional in a very beautiful way and I was quite blown away by how powerful it was.  It was a very insightful experience, and in the following days I found that I understood myself, and was able to allow certain worries that were dominating my thoughts to fade away.

I believe very strongly in the power of positive thinking, but like many of us, I have found that trying to think more positively about the things we are anxious or uncertain about can be very very difficult, especially when we feel those worries very deeply. The amazing thing about my cacao experience that day was that it brought me an entirely difference perspective – one was much much deeper and felt more intuitively right than any of the thoughts that had been flying around my head.

Nancy is very gifted and very down to earth.  She leads the group with great respect for the process and the people taking part and this made it feel very easy to give myself fully to the ceremony. I would love to do this again.”

– Alice, 37. Massage therapist.

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