The Lower World


Where the hidden treasures of humanity dwell. It is a rich and fruitful place cloaked in darkness; here we find the disowned parts of ourselves and the abandoned aspects of our psyches that we are loathe to acknowledge.

Also the place of our ancestors, where we discover the gifts and lessons learned before our time; the realm of the collective unconscious.

If we dare, here we can meet with our demons and transform them into pure energy, our source of personal power.

You are invited to unearth your hidden treasures, perfect at summer solstice looms! Stop making yourself small for fear that others won’t like you or judge you- step into your light!. Bring out the gems and precious stones that you have kept inside your heart, hidden even from yourself. Honour your past and recast your life as a heroic quest. When journeying into the lower world, you will be offered all the gifts of your ancestors; their struggles—the way they hurt, the way they lived, and the way they died—all will become blessings to help you on your way. It is time to find the courage to dig deep.

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