The Curse


The Curse refers to the limiting beliefs and stories that have unknowingly become part of us; the social conditioning that we unwittingly adhere to and allow to silence us and keep us from shining our light. These stories have filtered down to us from our ancestors and the karma of lifetimes gone by, these can preordain our current journey even though they don’t belong to us. This is the source of negative patterns, it can show up as disease, a self destructive behaviour or a blockage to our creative energy. See in the picture how a hand covers the mouth? Don’t be silenced by fear that doesn’t belong to you.

The curse holds us hostage to a false story that we confuse with reality. Recognising the original wounds that replay out in your life can heal them as we move to the second half of the year.

It is time to recognise the source of your limitations. Did your grandparents live with a mind-set of scarcity? Did you inherit genes for heart disease? Were you a slave or a master in a past life? This karmic legacy is ready and waiting to be seen, to be untangled, and to be released. Identify it and let it go! It doesn’t belong to you.

Honour the players and their stories, from other lifetimes even. Forgive everyone and everything; we all did the best we could with what we had at the time. As solstice comes ever closer, keep letting go, shining the light on the dark so you can be free to live an unbound and unconditional life.

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