Card Reading – Summer Solstice. Many Paths


A very happy summer solstice to those of you in the northern hemisphere, and winter to those in the southern half. Enjoy this magical day!

All paths lead to your destiny. What you bring to your journey is what you will create for yourself. If you choose suffering, scarcity etc. this is what will find you. If you choose love, wisdom, bliss, well you now know what you’ll find.

This is about being a conscious being; don’t fall into your life, take control of where you want to go. The perfect message for summer solstice!

Consider the traveller who met two stonemasons:
“What are you doing?” the traveller asked one mason.
“I am squaring out this stone.”
He turned to the other mason, who was doing exactly the same thing, and asked the same question.
“I am building a cathedral” replied the other mason.
One man has a job. The other man has listened to his calling and found his life’s work. He is actively part of something much greater than himself.

Be sure you pick your journey with your heart, then go forward consciously and with a conscience. Let go of what you don’t want and embrace what you do. You can reinvent yourself and your destiny whenever you want. Isn’t that some good news!

Your call now is to take a big, bold step and leave the beaten path; untold beauty lies in untouched lands. Heaven and Earth are conspiring on your behalf to support you in this move. Do not dally lest you miss the moment! It’s time to sail into the uncharted. Be sure you attend to your earthly path as well as your spiritual one; you deserve both working in perfect harmony.

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Namaste ❤️💫

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