The Sun


By many cultures, the sun is revered as the greatest of masculine forces. Whereas in some other traditions it is considered as the divine feminine in her fullest power. Either way, it is the most brilliant force and light for all beings! Allowing life to sprout from even the darkest parts of this feminine and fertile Earth. The sun can be gentle, warming and calming, nurturing life into action, or it can be harsh, unrelenting and destructive, scorching life into death.

Have you been hiding so much that you forgot where you went? Have you been looking inward to the point of losing connection?

It is time to come out of your cave and bask in the sun; savour the life-giving light of our mother / father star.

The sun rekindles your passion and creative energies. Life is calling you to shine your light and to add your own brand of lightness and humour to the seriousness all around you.

Get out and play!

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Namaste ❤️💫

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