Soul Retrieval


We each have one eternal soul, this is separate to spirit. The soul endures from the beginning to the end of all time. It is our essence and goes through many incarnations, both teaching us and learning lessons of its own, before the ultimate ascension to the upper world.

As you go about your journey parts of your souls can get left behind. Soul Retrieval is a practice that helps you recover those missing parts: your energy, your enthusiasm, even your innocence. At first, we use soul retrieval to recover from our hurts and heal our wounds. Later though, we learn to journey far enough to recover our original nature; that ‘self’ that never left the upper world. Part of our essence never left that place and it is the Master of all communication; speaking to the rivers, trees, animals, spirit and God. When we fully return to the upper world at the end of our lifetimes, we are whole again.


Stop hiding yourself and covering up your true nature. Every time you do this, your soul is compromised and part of you, part of your soul, gets left in those moments. This means that in another incarnation, you’ll have to go back to learn the lesson because you missed the opportunity to stand in your power this time around.

When did last you compromise what you truly believed in, maybe to be loved or accepted by someone? Is there a pattern whereby you repeatedly deny your nature? What have you agreed to that you know is deeply wrong?

Think back over your life and find the times when you allowed these behaviours to hold you back. Vow never to compromise your integrity again.

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Namaste ❤️💫

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