The Tree of Life


Throughout the Americas The Tree of Life is a sacred symbol. Deep roots travel into the Lower World, the realm unconscious and rich metaphors, while its branches reach high and into the Heavens – the source of destiny.

To be whole in your life’s journey, it is important to have deep roots and high branches. A tall tree with shallow roots falls in the first wind, but a tree with deep roots can weather any storm.


Your soil must be rich with nutrients in order to grow your strong and tall tree. Are you missing anything; what ‘nutrients’ do you need to add to your soil to be grounded and whole? The seed of the oak will not grow on barren ground or without the light of the sun.

What dreams do you want to awaken to create a mindful destiny?

Reflect on how you want to blossom, the kind of fruit you want to produce, and where you want to sow your new seeds.

Be a conscious creator!

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Namaste ❤️💫

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