Water – Essential Magic in Every Drop.

Have you thought about increasing your water intake to match the demands of summertime? With the incredible weather we are having, matched with longer daylight hours, inevitable life-style changes occur. Being more active, perhaps increasing alcohol on the long summer nights, leads to dehydration, which is something you most definitely do not want when you consider how important water is to the body.

The machine you run around in (AKA your body) needs fuel and water to keep it working well. Many people think that it is important to drink water simply for essential detoxification purposes, but it is so much more important even than that!

Your body uses water for everything and makes up around 60% of you. H2O works wonders for your tissues, spinal cord and joints; it actually helps to plump and lubricate cells creating a cushioning effect. It is a vital component in cells, organs, tissues but also transports many essential molecules and other particles around the body, whilst flushing out waste products as well. Water does all that whilst also regulating temperature, how incredible!

Insufficient aqua levels in your body can lead to headaches; pain and digestive issues to name just a few ailments.

Water is lost through breathing, sweating, eating and digestion, illness and moving in general. There’s no scientific rule about how much water a person should drink: our physical needs, activity levels and diet all play a role in how much water we need individually to stay hydrated. However, the recommendation is that the average person needs 2 litres a day to keep things in order, upping the intake if you’re ill or your activity increases. You can also help yourself by drinking water with each meal and making sure to eat plenty of fruits and veg; as these also contain water that your body can absorb. If you’re not sure about your hydration level you can gauge it by looking at your urine; if it’s clear, you’re in good shape. If it’s dark however, you’re probably dehydrated and need to splash out on some H2O.

As I have already outlined the myriad of reasons why making sure you are sufficiently hydrated is vital for your vitality, unfortunately it is not a ‘cure all’. If you are having joint or muscle pain; digestive issues; headaches etc. and you are sufficiently quenched, it might be worth a visit to a qualified healthcare professional to check that everything is working as it should be.

We are very lucky to have water on demand in the West. It’s not something to be wasted or taken for granted. A life giving and saving force; a symbol of cleansing and emotion; deserving of respect as any natural force does.

Water always finds a way through, there no stopping it once it chooses a direction. It can sustain a town, destroy it in one crushing wave; it can be a source of pleasure and respite, or disease and destruction. It etches its map upon the ground to remind us of possibilities and regrets. Water purges is of emotions through tears and sweat. Without it there would be no life on earth, hence its use ceremonially over the ages. Stay hydrated but just remember that the water you’re drinking has been on a journey around and through Mother Earth all the way to the Heavens and back, just to get to you. Every drop can be treated with respect, even ceremonially, and as a magic moment of gratitude!

Even though bottles of water can technically be recycled, it’s best to try carry your own water bottle instead so we can collectively cut back on plastic use that’s ruining our planet and oceans; mermaids have no use for our discarded plastics.

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