Testimonial – Cacao & Shamanic Healing

“I had been to cacao ceremonies before attending one of Nancy’s but I went to this one because of how intimate it sounded. The ceremonies I had attended previously had been made up of 20+ participants and I felt that this meant I didn’t get the adequate time or space to engage with the intentions I had set; this sometimes left me feeling a little lost. When I found out that Nancy’s ceremonies were limited to 5 or 6 people I was hopeful that this would allow me to fully explore the feelings I had been experiencing and guide me towards a resolution. I was not disappointed!

I had a falling out with a close friend of 20 years; I felt quite angry and upset about the situation but I was unsure how to proceed so I wanted to commune with cacao and seek some guidance. Over the course of the ceremony Nancy helped to create a positive and loving energy amongst our small group. She encouraged us to set intentions, helped us to interpret the meaning of tarot cards we selected and led us in drinking cacao ceremonially.

Once we had drunk, we got comfortable and Nancy talked the group through a meditation. This was exactly what I needed – time and space for me to engage with cacao and the feeling brewing inside me. After the meditation, we came back into a circle and discussed how we felt – again, this is exactly what I came for. Discussing how I felt about my relationship with my friend now that I had spent time dealing with it on such a deep level really helped me to clarify what I thought and felt; I was equipped to deal with the situation in a healthy and positive way.

Although this was not my first ceremony, this was not the case for a couple of other members of the group; it was a real blessing to see them experience such deeply emotional shifts and get a new perspective on their lives. We all left feeling so fulfilled and ready to take control of our respective situations in a positive and loving way – this is all due to Nancy and I would fully recommend that everyone see what she and the cacao have to offer!”

– DN, 33. Secondary School Teacher 

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