The Spiral



I pulled this card with the intention of an outlook on the week ahead; I think it’s rather apt! (Of course!)

With this heatwave, Capricorn full moon, football season and very long days, this is the perfect way to help us all slow down, relax and take stock for a moment. I get the feeling a lot of us have been burning excess energy without a thought for how to restore ourselves, sacrificing sleep and rest when we get caught in the whirlwind of summertime life. When the candle is fired at both ends you need to consider the odd pit stop for refuelling. You don’t have to keep going all of the time. Spirals work both ways, inward and outwards.


From galaxies in the sky to the tiniest of seashells scattered along the beach, the spiral is found all throughout the natural world. Its shape, in the form of a coiled serpent, has been revered and used as a sacred symbol since ancient times; representing a tool for growth and transformation.

The spiral is a means for entering deep into one’s consciousness, the unknown. Also as a path extending far out age deep into the heavens. It is vital to surrender to this journey until this exhausted paradigm dissolves in the depths of the psyche, releasing its energy ready to birth a new reality.


To renew yourself, you must shed your old skin. You have already done this, so do not keep scraping away at the old, but welcome the soft new skin that is starting to grow. Break the habit of working on your faults all the time and let nature take its course. Know that a new skin feels vulnerable and scary at times. Trust the medicine of the spiral as it guides your journey of renewal.

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