The Power of Spirit Animals – Beetle

In shamanic tradition, it is believed that plant and animal species have unique wisdom and teachings to pass on to us. When they show up in our lives, in spirit or physical form, we would do well to pay attention. What does it mean when certain animals keep appearing in your thoughts, dreams or in physical form? How is the animal behaving? What’s its message for you?

NB: A spirit animal or guide is different to a power animal.

When the beetle kept showing up, night after night in my garden, eventually throwing herself in my path and risking her life to get noticed by me in a playground, I finally snapped out of my trance and acknowledged that she was trying to communicate with me. I rescued her from the tarmac which was soon to be teeming with teenagers, received my messages and, with gratitude, released her back into the comfort and safety of a shrub.

This little tete-a-tete inspired me to write, as best I can, an overview of what messages beetle brings. It might surprise you to learn that the little beetle is a very powerful and meaningful spirit animal with much to teach you about yourself and your own life. A much-overlooked superstar bug. With over a million species of beetle, she comes in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes and can be found all around the world.

If the beetle keeps showing up for you, first consider whether you are eating well. Next, consider whether it is time to walk or to fly at this moment in your life.

This insect espouses harmony in the midst of change and reminds us to make use of our innate intuitive abilities.

Beetles aid in transformation, metamorphosis, resurrection and rebirth to a new spiritual ideal and renewed dedication. They teach perseverance but with charm and without hardship; to trust in the processes of any given situation and to take proper steps in allowing for spiritual and emotional growth.

Beetles have a protective quality that will aid in the ability to socialise and communicate well through illuminating situations so that they can be seen in a different light; new perspective often brings new insight and resolution.

Usually the first thing that you notice when you see a beetle, the colour can help you to decipher the area of your life you need to look at. Green is the symbol of good health and prosperity, while red indicates love, energy and strong passion! Black is connected with your shadow side and what you try to hide. Yellow usually means you need to allow yourself to get noticed more. What colour keeps coming to you? Now ask yourself if everything in your garden is rosy.

We are pretty much surrounded by beetles most of the time but we don’t pay too much attention to them because they are independent and focused on one of their many tasks. Do either of these characteristics sound like you, or the opposite of you? Do you need to take charge of your own life? Beetles bustle about, knowing exactly what to do and when. What can you take from this?

We all know that a beetle is protected by its hard shell; this can serve as a reminder that to you that you can protect yourself. Have you been playing the victim and blaming others for your pain? If you engage with them, your protective mechanisms inevitably will make you able to withstand difficulties that arise from the outside world and you will emerge strong and bold as a beetle. How are you using your protective shell? Maybe you’re being too tough?

Surprisingly, beetles tend to use their often hidden wings more for protection and scaring off predators than for flying, possibly indicating that you may also have some surprising, hidden powers and talents that it’s time to tap into.

It’s worth noting that the beetle’s body is vulnerable; it has to go without its shell sometimes, for example when growing. This could be a message that perhaps you aren’t allowing your defences to come down enough. Remember: as scary as it may seem, you have to come out of the safety zone once in a while in order to grow and develop. It’s always worth it.

Beetles are usually found scurrying around in the earth, their feet firmly on the ground. Symbolically, this means that they are ‘grounded’, connected to reality and what’s really going on around them. How much are your ‘feet on the ground’? Are your being completely honest with yourself about certain situations in your life? It might be time to think again – is the beetle that keeps popping up for you on the ground or in flight? If the latter, it could be time to rise above a situation or head for new heights – a new job perhaps?

Beetles, like many insects, are hard workers. She might be telling you to work more efficiently to reach your goals. Due to beetles being so ‘connected’ to the earth and air, remember to use your instincts too; follow your judgement where work is concerned. Maybe what you think you want is not what you actually need.

They do use those wings of theirs to fly but only when they want to cross long distances; short distances and these little ladies walk. This is an innate self-knowing of how and when to best use their energy and resources for the most advantagous results. Are you overdoing it or expending your energy unwisely? Maybe you’re wasting energy inadvertently.

If the beetle appears in your imagination, then it may be a reminder for you to finish a project or task that you haven’t completed yet but is long overdue.

When you have a deadline with a heavy workload to meet, you can ask the beetle for help. She is resourceful, resilient and focused. If you would like to discover your hidden talents, or you’re feeling too vulnerable, it is a good time to call upon the Beetle to lend you her wisdom in the form of a spirit animal.

You know the antennae that proudly protrude from a beetle’s mantle?  They help them to sense their environment. Use your senses and intuition to be more aware of your environment and the things that are happening around you.

If it happens that the beetle is bugging you, it may be a clear sign that some negative thought patterns are likely affecting you. It means that you should get rid of these thoughts as soon as possible and dare to be more optimistic.

If the beetle is your full time spirit animal, it probably means that you are a very creative person. You possess many talents and abilities, but you are waiting for the right opportunity to reveal them to the world. Now is the time to look inward and get a sense of when and how will be the right time; it must be close if the beetle is appearing to you.

They teach us that change is inevitable and that we should surrender to the flow of life; this is the path of true happiness. Let it lead you through changes that are on the way. If beetles appear when you are in a rush or a tizzy, it may help you decide where to go and what to do in that certain situation.

Beetles always work as a team, so make an effort to co-operate with people around you in order to achieve common goals, whether it be in work or personal affairs. If a beetle appears as your spirit animal, then being a part of a community is especially important for you to thrive in all areas of your life.

If a beetle appears in your dreams, it may be a warning that you are picking up on negative influences from your friends or colleagues. You are sensing something working away beneath the surface, so be careful. Tune into your beetle and use your antennae to sense your surroundings and make wise choices to stay protected.

If you dreamt that a beetle was crawling over you, it symbolises you feel you have a lot of problems in your life. Fortunately, these will not be too serious. However, we have asked for all of our problems as learning opportunities before we got here, so face up to whatever it is or it’ll keep coming back.  To dream of killing a beetle is a positive sign, believe it or not it represents that you are well on your way to solving your problems.

In Egyptian mythology, the Sacred Scarab was revered as the overseer of resurrection – death and rebirth.  The humble Scarab is able to roll balls of dung many times his own body weight. Likewise, the Egyptians were able to manipulate the laws of gravity in order to shift huge stone blocks to build the great pyramids. The Sacred Scarab was compared to the Creator who rolled the sun across the sky. Small but resourceful and very strong, the beetle is a powerful spirit animal and it may appear in many ways in your life. Pay attention to the gifts and lessons this cool little bug has taken time out of her schedule to come to teach you.

Next time an animal or insect keeps popping into your consciousness, or unconscious, try looking a little deeper and listen to what they’re trying to teach you. Look at its uniqueness and behaviour and your messages should come through.

Namaste ❤️💫

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Thank you for your time.

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