The Power of Spirit Animals – The Moth

Moth is the master of disguise and transformation, heralding an omen that you’re likely hiding from yourself and have some growing to do. You’ve got to free up some of the space currently cluttered with emotional baggage and make space for the wonderful new things that life has in store for you. Moth is a bit of a wake up call in that respect – the flapping can cause you to feel discombobulated and act like a rattle to shake you out of the trance that no longer serves you.

Are you hiding behind your emotions? Do you avoid situations because of how you think you feel? It’s easier to change your state than you might think. You’ve got to expose yourself to the higher vibration in order to raise your own frequency and allow the old ways of being to fall away. It might be the case that you need to just get out there and see what the wold has to offer you, rather than being concerned that your mood will be transparent and may lead to rejection from others. Though delicate and vulnerable, moths are true to themselves and their path. If you stay on the path of the light as moths do, you won’t go wrong, but do be aware of being lured by artificial light sources.

Transform your emotional energy away from feeling low and clogged up, and focus on what makes you feel joy in your heart. Keep faith that your journey is right for you and trust that everything happens for a reason. Stay positive: see how moths have unwavering faith in going towards the light? This is a powerful message to you. You have nothing to fear, so what is that niggling feeling at the back of your heart that stops you being you? Shine light on it and deal with it.

The moth is a creature of the night, the moon is her mother, making her symbolic of intuition and psychic awareness. Is it time to listen to your inner voice and guidance?

Madame Moth gives off powerful pheromones that can be followed by Mr. Moth over huge distances, in the darkness, making her a strong symbol of love and attraction. Give this area of your life some thought; do you need to work on loving yourself and attracting things to you, or are you underestimating your allure and missing out?

Never be afraid to be yourself. You are unique and have gifts to share.

Might be a good time for Manifesting & Letting Go attending a Cacao Ceremony

In some traditions Moth is a totem of bad luck, though I don’t know why. However, in older traditions it is considered lucky. In Hawaii to see a moth soon after the death of a loved one is considered to be the spirit of the deaceased paying a loving visit.

Optimistic of soul, you can find the silver lining in everything. You are a finder, and bringer, of light and love. A good listener; counsellor and advice giver; as well as friend. You are well liked and generous with your time and love, understanding and respecting the subtleties of the universe and its workings. You have a gift for attracting what you need in order to flow in life and a remarkable gift for gliding through transformations. You are likely intuitive and skilled in psychic awareness.

Namaste ❤💫

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