Many Paths

“Beauty is int the eye of the beholder.” “What you see is what you get.” Your perception becomes your reality, therefore what you bring to your journey determines whether you see the beauty and gifts in your life, or pain and want.

We always have choices and this includes choices about your perspective on your current situation. Consider the story of the traveller who met two stonemasons. He asked one what he was doing. The mason replied, “I am squaring out this stone.” The traveller then asked the other mason the same question. “I am building a cathedral.” One man has work, while the other has found his calling. When it comes to picking your path, and perspective, be sure to pick with your heart.


You’ve taken the lesson from your recent situation and therefore outgrown it and the patterns of thinking that went with it. You risk losing sight of yourself if you don’t change the scenery to match your inner upgrade, getting lost in your own yard.

Get out of your comfort zone!

Respond now, while the call is still a gentle whisper, before the universe gets tough on your arse.

What have you got to lose by following your heart and finding new perspectives?

If you think you do not know where you are going, any path will take you there; it’s what you choose to see along the way that makes the difference.

Namaste ❤💫

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