Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval is a practice that helps you recover parts of yourself that you have lost.

The upcoming blood moon on Friday 27th July 2018 will give you a cosmic kick up the arse which will help you if you want to recover your true nature. 

Consider when have you compromised your true nature to fit in; feel loved; keep the peace? What patterns of behaviour can you identify that you employ to appear smaller or lesser? You don’t need to do that stuff anymore.

Think back over your life and find the time, or times, when this has happened. You may need to meditate or journey to find the missing pieces in order to be whole again. Heal your past and move forward, boldly.

Be brave. Let go.

The blood moon has some strong, individual, messages for us. Take stock; feel the fear; release the pain. The universe is on your side to help you live your brand of authentic, but you have to do the work. Take some time alone, allow past traumas and hurt to resurrect in you, for the last time. Do what you have to do to let it all go. Cacao is s great healer.

This is not a one time event, but the upcoming cosmic alignments will give you a good head start. Work with the universal rhythms to help yourself. At first, soul retrieval allows us to recover from our hurts and heal our childhood trauma. The more practice you do, the deeper you will go; boy will you feel good! Later, we learn to journey to recover our original and true nature. This is the self that still communes with the rivers, trees, animals and elements. When we return to The Garden, we are whole again.

When the work is done, you have cried and let go, notice how light and free you feel. Now you can vow to never compromise your integrity again and remain true to you. 

Namaste ❤💫

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