The Moon

The moon regularly moves between darkness and light and spends equal time in both phases. This heavenly phenomenon has a powerful impact on the planet, all life on earth and the human psyche. This full, blood moon on Friday is going to mean big emotional upheaval for all of us. It’s going to be the longest eclipse of the century, nearly 4 hours! (only visible in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand). Take this as a positive! It’s a chance to dump some of that old baggage! More than that though, it gives us the push we need to take responsibility for our own lives and for what we are doing to the planet.

This is a message about finding balance in your life so you can be true to yourself and serve the whole; seeing the unseen and uncovering what you have hidden.

Moon cycles offer us the certainty that nothing stays the same and everything has a polarised state. Periods of emptiness and darkness are followed by light and vice versa. We are offered the comfort of knowing that difficult periods will pass as well as being reminded to appreciate the moments that cannot last forever (in linear time at least!)

The moon influences the ebb and flow of waters on the Earth, it is thought by some that without the moon life would not have begun here on earth at all. This is this same power that affects human emotions and brings them forth from the unconscious, helping us to learn.

The moon spends equal time in the dark as it does in the light of the sun, and now it comes to remind you of this balance. Have you been too focused on outer achievements, productivity, or social engagements? Or have you spent too much time hidden from the world, not wanting to interact or show your face? Meditate on the significance of the moon’s cycle, and let it gently guide you out of your bottomless depths. Head back to the world of outer expression and connection with others. Let it help you make time for yourself, your feelings, and your essential human and spiritual needs.

Wishing you well! Namaste ❤️💫

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