Spirit of the Bat

A rebirth is assured, bringing new vision!

🦇 Transformation

🦇 Death (not necessarily literal)

🦇 Perception

Well here we are; the blood full moon eclipse of 2018. Do you know how lucky you are to be here, now, on the planet for this event? It’s the biggest lunar deal in over a century, so lock yourself in for the ride of a lifetime!

It’s expected to be particularly intense because it’s going to last nearly 4 hours and it’s influenced by Mars – so relationships are the order of the day. Many hide behind or with relationships, afraid to be alone, so good luck with that!

Personally, I cannot wait for this cosmic gift whereby deep change is ushered along by galactic forces; I’m already brimming with gratitude for myself and the brothers and sisters that I am connected to.

I get it though, maybe you’re feeling wobbly and frightened to see what’s going on with you under the mask… there’s only one way to find out and, just like the remodelled fairytales, the monster won’t be as ugly or scary as you had imagined. Go for it! Dig deeper than you ever have, the universe is aligned for a cosmic kick up the arse and you can take the lead or get dragged along. I know where I’ll be.

So, onto the card of the day: the Spirit of the Bat – how apt that bat! I can hardly believe it, but I’ve learned not to doubt the magic.

Ask yourself: What are you refusing to let die?

Guess what? Bat Spirit is nudging you to let go of your need to cling to the familiar story that has already run its course; a new story awaits!


The old story may have come about in preparation for the new life that will give you what you really want.

Allow yourself to grieve, if you feel inclined, as you let go of old, protective patterns and behaviour. You’re making way for birth and growth, on all levels. Hurrah!

Remember, everything is temporary.

Time with your darkness doesn’t have to be terrifying or traumatic, it can be a time of honour and respect.

Bat Spirit has come to lend you her powers of perception and awareness so you can learn to listen deeply and navigate your unknown caverns.

You will emerge transformed with greater perspective; broadened awareness and sensitivity that bring you closer to alignment with your higher self.

Wishing you well! Namaste ❤️💫

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