Spirit of The Stag

“Take the lead.”

Wow! What a thunderstorm we had last night, we couldn’t see the blood moon but we could certainly feel her energy pulsating. It still is, as her messages for us continue to integrate and take root. A better card couldn’t have come up to sum up the next step of the journey. Mercury is going into retrograde to support us in reflecting on how far we have come and in giving us space to consider who we want to become. Stay conscious and embrace the grace and wisdom of the majestic, magical stag.

Step up to the forefront of your life. Now is a time to heed the call to be confident, strong, and compassionate.

You have it within you to see through the eyes of Stag Spirit and walk with confidence as you take responsibility and model integrity in all that you do and in all of your relationships.

Be willing to see the best in others so that your compassionate heart keeps you on the right path.

Stag Spirit wants you have a responsibility to yourself too; you are learning and developing new skills and this must be honoured and nurtured.

The best in you is coming to the fore as you step forward with strength, knowing that Spirit supports you as you compassionately take the lead.

You are a model for transformation now, sharing your experience, strength, and hope with others so they may grow and discover their best selves too.

Stay humble and authentic, and walk your talk, for this is how a wise leader leads.

Wishing you well! Namaste ❤️💫

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