The Spirit of The Cow

“The miracles are endless.”

Cow Spirit asks us to pay attention to how we take care of ourselves.

How do you nourish your mind, body, and spirit?

At the moment perhaps you are wobbling around like a newborn calf on its unsteady legs? Perhaps you’ve been spending too much time distracting yourself on the Internet, or obsessing over a relationship, or choosing to eat food that is not healthy?

Whatever it is, you’re being nudged to assess how you are looking after your needs. Remember, the universe has a way of reflecting back to you events and conditions that match how you treat yourself. This is a reminder that the universe wants to give you the very best but needs you to do your bit and nourish your whole well-being.

Heed her message, and everything will shift in your favour!

Namaste ❤️💫


More services & next public cacao ceremony is 6th August. Email to book.

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