Dolphin Spirit

“This and that are true.”

Dolphin Spirit, like her earthly manifestation, is a reminder of duality. The dolphin is both mammal and sea creature, so two truths co-exist. For us, this means there is a story we tell ourselves and the other story. In all areas of our life, there are aspects of both ‘this and that.’ 

Life’s duality is when we are in suffering; for there is always a blessing. If we refuse to see the blessing, the duality, we will only feel the suffering. Later, when we look back a situation, we can see it was both ‘this and that’ and it was a choice that led to both joy and sorrow. Clouds have silver linings, rain and sun make rainbows.

No relationship is either all good or all bad, and people have qualities of both light and dark. Light always exists alongside darkness, the light is where your lessons are illuminated. See them so that you can work through your soul’s lessons and move forward.

Why not join Dolphin Spirit in acknowledging and affirming the blessings present in this moment? Dolphin Spirit calls for you to come up from the depths and enjoy a weightless moment in the sun as you dive in and out of ‘this and then that’, accepting and (even enjoying) the duality of life.

Today you can celebrate your recognition of the complexity and the beauty of the fabric of the universe. 

You have come to a place where two of you exist. Your past self is still present as you move toward the new self you are becoming. Aspects of both selves are present, so even if you want to say good-bye to what was, you are required to find solace in this between times.

Today is not the day to choose one over another, but a day to accept things as they are without judgment or resistance. Even in matters of the heart, duality is present. When you drop your bias you will see things as a whole, the duality.

When you most want to be acknowledged as right and see other ways as wrong, Dolphin Spirit appears as a reminder that the story of your suffering and righteousness is a little more complicated than you are admitting right now. Do you want to see things in black-and-white, remaining rigid in your ideas of correctness? Release fixed idea thinking and embrace the natural fluidity of life. 

There are two sides to every story, an upside to each downside, a curse in every blessing. What you think is wrong may end up being right for you and vice versa. Look for the learning and the positive in the pain. Let Dolphin Spirit soften and open your heart so that you can forgive and make the best decision at this time. Move on by playing with possibilities. 

“This and that are true.”

Namaste ❤️🙌🏻

Next cacao ceremony 6th August.

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