The Sun

The Sun ⁣
This brilliant star works magic on our dear earth. Life bringing, the sun is acknowledged by some cultures as the greatest of masculine forces while in others it is seen as the feminine in her fullest power. ⁣
Whatever your take, the sun is the most brilliant light that allows life to sprout from utter darkness. ⁣
The sun can nurture with a gentle and warming touch. However it can be completely destructive, scorching everything in its path or even igniting fire and bringing forth a purge of nature.⁣


Have you been hiding your light from the world, or even yourself? You were given your gifts so you could use them. ⁣
Have you been too introspective? Missing out on what’s going on outside or with friends and family? ⁣
It is time to come out of your hiding place and savouur the life-giving light of the giant star. ⁣
Rekindle your passion and your creative energies! ⁣
Life is calling you to shine and add your light to the world. Bring your brand of lightness and humor to the seriousness around. ⁣
Time to get out there and play!⁣

Namaste ❤️💫

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