The Hunter

The Hunter


Before humans moved into cultivating the land to grow crops, we hunted for animals in the forests to feed our families. The Hunter never takes more than what is needed to survive, often taking only one animal that has given itself up for food. Hunter is an intuitive and masterful tracker who knows which paths to follow to find success.


Ensure you rely on your own skills to traverse the forest. Your path, and your journey are your own; you would be misled by taking anyone else’s advice right now. You need to follow the signs left for you by the universe. Do not follow the maps drawn by those before you, as they will not lead you to your true destination. 

Instead, become the mapmaker, find your internal compass and use all your senses, including your common sense. When you find your bounty, remember not to take more than you need. 

Namaste ❤️💫

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