Nancy Roxx Madden

“Hi, I’m Nancy.”

“I help people to realise their full potential, to get out of their own way and go for what they want. By becoming your true self you can live a better, happier life! I am trained in shamanic practice, hypnosis, NLP and other therapies, giving me the skills to offer bespoke services.”

Working through stuff can be painful but it’s so empowering when you know that you are facing that pain for the very last time, that you no longer have to carry it with you. I walk beside you through the pain, through the fire; I hold the space for you to get the pieces you need to be whole again. To see someone come through difficulties and be able to stand strong, be authentically happy (maybe for the first time), is the most amazing gift for me also; that’s why I love to do what I do.

I have been connected to spirit since I was a child, there was no avoiding it. I found the shamanic way in 2001 on my first trip to South America and never looked back. It started for me with an instant and deeply profound love for the culture, a love that took me to the back streets, cities and jungles of that great land. There I discovered much about another way to live, a way that made me feel connected and whole and for the first time I began to realise that I did indeed have a unique path, as we all do, on planet Earth. Ever since then I have been seeking the knowledge and wisdom of our ancestors and paying attention to the signs and messages of the universe because I want to strengthen, now share, that connection. I have been fortunate enough to have worked with some amazing shaman, guides and indigenous peoples, all with unimaginable insight and relationships with  nature, who, with their unconditional love, wisdom and humour have helped me find and to love myself.

I do what what I do because when I was facing my own difficulties these are the ways I got better, stronger, happier  An incredibly tough time in my life meant that the three pillars holding my life up (work, love and self-esteem) just seemed to collapse from under me. I hit rock bottom and couldn’t see, nor did I want to see, a way out. I saw doctors and therapists to extensive and varying degrees but I was without hope. Until one day, when I was fed up of rotting and being pushed about by the mental health services while they couldn’t make up their minds what to do with me, a friend told me about cog hyp. After one session I was no longer just in a dark hole. Finally I had some hope and I could hardly believe it!

My path has been a meandering one, as it is for most of us. I have risen from the ashes at least 3 times and have come back stronger in each incarnation, though it is never easy to change and to cast off the conditioning and patterning of the cultures we find ourselves in. None of this did I do alone. This path requires you to be endlessly self reflective and accountable for your every action and situation you find yourself in.

We all have our stories to tell, our secrets and our masks we hide behind – and that’s ok. Really – it’s ok. I’m Nancy – shaman, therapist, writer, teacher and many, many, many other things and contradictions. I too have my own story; my own wiggly path that brought me, very boldly, to here and to helping people.

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