Cacao Ceremonies

Imagine what life would be like if you invested in this time for yourself by connecting with nature and the universe.

Public, group ceremonies take place every month close to the new moon – enabling you to harness nature’s innate manifesting magic, or the full moon – a time for letting go. Please get in touch if you would like to find out more and book your space. Please note, spaces are limited so booking in advance is essential.  



There are so many heath benefits to using this ‘sacred food of the gods’, enhancing serotonin is only the start! Taking part in a cacao ceremony is where you really start to experience the the full extent of what this non-invasive plant medicine has to offer, some might even call it magicalWhat people are saying

Cacao ceremonies are fantastic for sating our primal need for ritual and communion, something sadly on the decline in modern society. Here you can make an exquisite pocket of time just for you, filling your inner space with love and compassion, even healing trauma held in your heart, in a gentle and loving way. It’s also a great way to clear out old patterns of thinking so that you can lead a freer and happier life. A cacao ceremony can help you to dig deep and discover what you really want in your life, and start to manifest it! Begin living the life of your dreams, with the help of a sacred cacao ceremony.


What To Expect from a cacao ceremony.

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CACAO is completely safe to drink and work with you may have heard about some plant medicines such as Ayahuasca that induce psychedelic trances, this is not the case with Cacao. Cacao is raw, organic chocolate that works as a heart medicine (that’s why we traditionally give gifts of chocolate to those we love) and works by unblocking emotional obstructions held within the heart, allowing us to move on in our lives.

The cacao I use comes from the Ashaninka tribes of Peru; prepared especially, and with intention, for healing in ceremony.

Our bodies yearn for this sacred medicine but the beans used for commercial chocolate are often hybridised and of low quality, meaning that the chocolate doesn’t affect us strongly at all. In our ceremonies we only use ceremonial grade, raw and organic cacao and the results are very different. The chocolate that we will be working with comes direct from the Amazon (see below for more details) which facilitates deep and profound journeying.

Cacao is raw chocolate and classified as a ‘superfood’ in the West. The ancient Mayans and Aztecs used cacao for spiritual and ceremonial purposes because, in its purest form, it is a powerful assistant for inner work, creative guidance and much more. In shamanic tradition, cacao is still heralded as a sacred heart medicine. The spirit of Cacao was one of the most revered of the ancient Mayan deities; they called Cacao “The water that runs through the heart” and the food of the gods. It is one of the most powerful yet gentle facilitators and assists in connecting us with consciousness, teaching us and guiding us to our hearts’ desires.

Cacao promotes powerful journeying and connection with your spiritual wisdom, helping you in bringing awareness to things that have been preventing you from creating a life that you can love. It also aids in releasing repeated patterns, beliefs and blocks which could be stopping you, slowing you down or standing in the way of creating your dreams.

Chocolate is a gentle but powerful feminine force; by surrendering to the essence and energy of chocolate you can tune into higher dimensions. It’s the only food that can connect your left and right brain functions, as well as having many other health benefits. Cacao is also a superfood; it’s delicious and an aphrodisiac! Ever wondered why we give chocolate to loved ones?

Cacao can facilitate a deep Shamanic experience of being in the world but not of it, allowing you to see what you really want, what you have been expecting and who you really are at a soul level. It shows you how you can shift your perception so life can be more enjoyable!


Chocolate opens the heart. It allows for a deeper, more authentic, love based connection with yourself, on all levels, and with others. People sometimes journey through a variety of emotions which have held them back; these may have caused illness, repetitive patterns, conflict, confusion, lack of abundance, lack of love, or a basic lack of joy and fulfilment in their lives. With cacao, they gain deep realisations about their purpose, the meaning of life and the direction their soul is calling them to take – perfect if you want to experience more loving feelings or get some guidance whilst working through trauma.

Once you acknowledge your blocks you won’t keep manifesting situations that bring up the negative feelings. You will live a freer, happier life, without constantly being triggered into old patterns of being. Releasing these emotions allows more light, love and magic into your life. Once blockages have been acknowledged, participants often find that they are able to connect with deep feelings of love, bliss and joy, enabling them to find their ‘flow’.

I have seen real transformations in people after they’ve learned to commune with cacao: discovery of their purpose, joy, confidence and walking the path that their soul called them to take.

There are many teachings that we may think we understand logically prior to learning to commune with plant medicine, yet we are unsure how to embody and integrate that knowledge; for example the concept of ‘oneness’ or consciousness. Cacao is a fantastic gateway into connecting with your inner knowing, whereby learning can become profoundly embodied and transform your way of feeling and being. You feel at a cellular and spiritual level what you know in your heart and the teachings you might already be aware of are finally ‘understood’.

Cacao can forge a stronger connection to your higher self – intuition, soul, spirit and consciousness. This leads to an enhanced connection with your own power and truth; your divine nature. This results in more love in your life, leading to more effective manifestation and a more powerful, familiar connection with your magnificence and spiritual capabilities. When you access this state – bliss, love, the vortex, the ‘zone’, flow, whatever you want to call it – you can manifest what you love. You also enter into the state where what you love comes to you because your vibration is raised!

Male and female energies are within each of us. When these energies are balanced your life is more harmonious and magnetic! The balance of these energies allows you to receive inspiration (feminine) and use it (masculine). Access to the one mind brings greater connection with creative ideas and inspiration, as well as the enhanced connection and balance these ideas can manifest.

‘Healing occurs in the stillness’. Cacao calms the left brain chatter and allows us to delve into that ‘no mind’ space of bliss and intuition; powerful, otherworldly and deep meditation where you to connect with your spiritual nature, accessing collective wisdom and knowing within. The ‘shamanic dose’ of cacao makes meditation easy, giving your mind, body and spirit the space and peace needed to heal and develop.


PRIVATE GROUP SESSION: Please get in touch if you would like to do this as a group, with friends or family. This can be very powerful for strengthening and healing relationships. Make an enquiry .







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