Shamanic Ceremony – What To Expect

All ceremonies are different because everyone’s experiences are unique. If you are accustomed to journeying you will know this; each time you take part in a shamanic journey new insights will come as more emotional and psychic blocks dissolve.

This is a very rough outline of what happens as all ceremonies are bespoke depending on the individual, or individuals, we have with us.

  • I cleanse, clear and protect a space before any ceremony begins.
  • We sit in a circle and ground ourselves.
  • We open the circle with introductions.
  • Everyone states an intention.
  • From my deck, everyone pulls a card and, in turn, shares any isight gleaned from their chosen one.
  • In silence, everyone is served the warm cacao (if a cacao ceremony) and we spend a while privately communicating with the spirit if the cacao.
  • The used cups will be collected and everyone will lie down for the journey. Depending on what you have come for, I may talk you through a process or a meditation, or you may be required to listen to drumming or shamanic chanting.
  • Once you are ‘awoken’ we all sit back in the circle and take a moment to write any messages received.
  • We discuss what you experienced, what you can learn from your participation in the practice and how you can assimilate and act on the realisations you have come to.
  • Everyone draws another card before the final blessing and closing the circle.

Sometimes we might use other forms of of ritualistic shamanic practice to allow for powerful shifts within us –

FIRE CEREMONYimages.jpeg
The fire ceremony is at the heart of many shamanic traditions and in the past its was only allowed to be done with the teacher, Shaman, for many, many years before doing it alone simply because it can be so powerful. Today, Shaman believe that the earth is in such peril that fire rituals should be held by anyone willing to do it in order that we relate our old patterns immediately. Fire helps us to honour our lessons and old belief structures by turning them over to spirit which releases them allowing you to heal deeply at a soul level without having to go through the experience physically.

This ritual is most often performed at full moon or at new moon when the veils between the realms of ordinary and spirit are the thinnest. Fire is known as the most rapid form of healing and transformation.

Cacao Ceremonies

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