Find Your Spirit Guide

e0db636d-741a-4eee-946d-f49a6c261e7e.jpegGuides come in many forms. Your guide might be a deceased relative who communicates with you in a way that you recognise, or someone unexpected and unfamiliar. The energy may feel comfortable; they could appear in dreams; bring messages or ideas directly to your mind or assist you to feel ‘urges’ which guide you one way or another in your life. Some people connect to the nature realms and feel their guide’s energy is more like that from the faerie kingdoms; whilst others feel a strong connection to interdimensional beings from beyond the stars.

Your guide could come from other worlds or realms, maybe even places that your own spirit once resided. Your guide will feel authoritative and wise; a knowing that they have more information than you and are in a position to assist on your earthly journey. Spirit guides are wiser and kindly beings who have volunteered to help us on our path. Your spirit guide has a greater understanding about your life purpose and will work hard to make sure you are in the right place at the right time to achieve your goals. Their role is a greater responsibility of guiding and steering us.

I use white sage and palo santo to cleanse, clear and protect a space before the ceremony begins, this is important as we are dealing with the spirit, the soul and different worlds of beings; it is the shaman’s job to keep you safe. Once the circle is open I use cards for guidance during the ceremony.  Next, participants will drink the prepared cacao before lying down for the practice. Depending on what you have come for, I may talk you through a process or meditation; or you may be required to listen to drumming or singing. Once this part is over (40-60 minutes) you will be ‘awoken’ and asked to sit back in the circle. Here we discuss what you experienced, what you can take from the experience and so on. You will draw another card before a final blessing and closing the circle.

In this safe space you will be able to gain new insight into your current situation and hopefully be able to let go and move on. This is a very intense form of shamanic journeying that has power to make real change happen.



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