Past Life Regression

This is for anyone who needs to move on in their life but can’t put their finger on what is holding them back or causing them pain. Perhaps there is something or someone you cannot let go of no matter what you try to do. Past life regression can help to heal these old, karmic wounds that we have brought from our past life into our present. You will be safely guided back to a previous existence; to places and experiences that you did not know you could access. In this safe space you will be able to gain new insight into your current situation and hopefully be able to let go and move on. This is a very intense form of shamanic journeying that has power to make real change happen.

I use white sage and palo santo to cleanse, clear and protect a space before the ceremony begins, this is important as we are dealing with the spirit, the soul and different worlds of beings; it is the shaman’s job to keep you safe. Once the circle is open I use cards for guidance during the ceremony.  Next, participants will drink the prepared cacao before lying down for the practice. Depending on what you have come for, I may talk you through a process or meditation; or you may be required to listen to drumming or singing. Once this part is over (40-60 minutes) you will be ‘awoken’ and asked to sit back in the circle. Here we discuss what you experienced, what you can take from the experience and so on. You will draw another card before a final blessing and closing the circle.



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