Cacao Ceremony

I had the privilege of attending one of Nancy’s cacao ceremonies, which was my first group shamanic experience. And what an amazing experience it was!

Nancy creates a safe and supporting space where participants feel naturally open and accepted, which is vital in facilitating the inner transformations which unfold during the ceremony.

In our intimate circle we begun by setting our individual intentions, and burning the written depiction of something we each wanted to let go of. A powerful practice in itself.

We then drank the warm, earthy cacao and lay down to be led through an inner journey. This might sound a bit esoteric or daunting, but its not. You just go into a deeply relaxed and conscious state where the opportunity to explore a more spiritual level is presented, for you to accept or decline to whatever degree you feel comfortable with.

I came out of the meditation feeling incredibly grounded, present and at peace.

It was amazing to experience the potency of cacao as a healing plant through Nancy’s deep awareness of shamanism in this beautiful ceremony.

– Shona, Acupuncturist.

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