Cacao Ceremony

“I feel so grateful to have met Nancy; we met studying Cognitive Hypnotherapy and ended up (by chance) attending a retreat together in Tuscany. This is when I really got to see her magic unfold! Although I had never attended a cacao ceremony before, I knew that it would be well considered and orchestrated, safe and a little bit magic! I loved the fact it was a very intimate group (only 4 of us). You could feel the energy within the room and everyone was happy to share small insights into their experiences. Nancy used oracle cards as a guide to where we were at, how the ceremony would go and where we ended up (after the ceremony.) I’d heard mixed reviews about the taste of cacao but was actually surprised at how much i enjoyed it – even if it was 30 degrees outside! After drinking this Nancy led us through a guided meditation. I believe we see what we need to see in these moments and personally I got slightly distracted from Nancy’s lovely meditation by a visit from a mischievous Grandfather who instead wanted to remind me of all the magic he used to perform and faerie stories he used to tell! Regardless, it was still a very magical experience and certainly one I would repeat.”

– H. 40, Therapist.

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