Energy Healing – “Pain & ailments in the body”

“I had never experienced energy healing before  so I was intriuqued as to what the treatment was all about; being a therapist myself I was keen to find out. Nancy said it was like Reiki, which I haven’t had either. I did not tell Nancy my ailments but Nancy certainly picked up on my them during the treatment! Throughout the treatment I felt extremely relaxed and I felt a “cool “ above my head.  I also felt pleasant tingling in my hands and feet. Throughout the treatment I felt as if a “dome of energy” was surrounding my body. At one point during the treatment I thought Nancy was touching my arm but when I looked she wasn’t. I saw the colours purple and orange throughout the treatment in “wing” shaped form and at one point it went extremely black and throughout it felt peaceful. Nancy picked up my digestive area and my leg too, which I do have trouble with as well. I was also having trouble with my right foot on an area which now is completely better, still weeks later. Nancy is a kind soul. She made me feel so much better. Thank you, Nancy, I am definitely booking again.”

– Gill, 40. Reflexologist.

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